Unknown persons

I am looking for data on the following persons / family lines. If you know sowithhing, please contact me!

  • Michel Hofer, married with Johanna Schrijver.
    At least 1 child: Theresia Hofer, born 1779 in Den Haag; married 7 mei 1828 in Den Haag with Jacobus van der Brugge, born 1768 in Kethel.
  • Rupert Hofer, married with Anna Winkler.
    At least 1 child: Theresia Anna Hofer, born 1884, died 12 augustus 1950 in IJsselstein.
  • Anton Hofer, married with Getrud Holingshausen.
    At least 1 child: Anton Hofer, born 1866; married 6  oktober 1896 in Herwen en Aerdt with Gertruda Schaefer, born 1869 in  Neuendorf.
    Anton Hofer and Getruda Scheafer have at least 1 child: Paul Hofer, born 1909 in Rotterdam, died 24 november 1909 in Herwen en Aerdt.
  • Leopold Hofer, married with Anna Maria Heukels.
    At least 1 child: Peter Daniel Hofer, born 1761, died 27 juli 1832 in Arnhem.
  • Johann Hofer, married with Barbara Wotte.
    At least 1 child: Johann Jocob Hofer, born 1792, died 4 september 1839 in Poederoijen.
  • Anna Maria Catharina Hofer
    At least 1 child: Julius Constant Frederik Hofer, born 1903, died 17 maart 1904, 8 months old, father unkown.
  • Hinrich Theodor Hofer, born 1863 in Stuckenbosch, died 26 mei 1905 in Rosmalen; married with Elizabeth Goerres.
  • Hedwig Auguste Hofer, married with Peter Joseph Maassen, born 1882, died 15 maart 1945 in Heerlen.
  • Johanna Maria Hofer, married with Pierre Barrès.
    At least 1 child: Theresia Johanna Barrès, born 1806 in Den Haag;  married 11 september 1822 in Den Haag with Christian Hendrik Pfeiffer,  born 1881 in Delft.
  • Sibilla Regina Hofer (father: Peter Johann Hofer, mother: Sebilla Katharina Bergs), born 1892, died 27 februari 1929 in Tegelen; married with Johann Bernard Vocks.
    At least 2 childeren:
    (1) Regina Sibilla Vocks, born 1926, died 10 november 1926 in Tegelen, 14 days old.
    (2) Peter Paul Vocks, born 1929, died 24 februari 1929 in Tegelen, 10 days old.
  • Rudolf Hofer, born 1916 in Wenen, died 3 march 1921 in Wijchen.
  • Elisabeth Hofer, married with Willem Stöcker.
    At least 1 child: Catharina Sophia Stöcker, born 1824, died 22 march 1854 in Sittard.
    Heinrich Hofer, married with Anna ?antavy.
    At least 1 child:
    Franz Leopold Hofer, born 1901 in Vienna; married on 14  juli 1927 in Amsterdam with Johanna Eisler, born 1904 in Vienna;  divorced on 4 oktober 1949.
  • Elisabeth Hofer, married with Georg Schrey.
    At least 1 child: Elisabeth Schrey, born 1887; married on 26 juli 1923  in Amsterdam with Jacob Meijer, born 1892 in Zutphen; divorced op 25  november 1947.
  • Martin Hofer, born 1804, died 9 march 1874 in Kralingen; married with Maria van Bergen, born 1810, died 16 june 1886 in Kralingen.
  • Catharina Hofer, married with Josephus Johannes Frederik Dinkelaar.
    At least 5 children:
    (1) Maria Catharina Dinkelaar, born 26 januari 1865 in Kralingen, died 6 september 1866 in Kralingen.
    (2) Catharina Maria Dinkelaar, born 22 november 1866 in Kralingen, died 8 april 1871 in Kralingen.
    (3) Hermanus Josephus Dinkelaar, born 30 januari 1869 in Kralingen.
    (4) Catharina Maria Dinkelaar, born 2 augustus 1871 in Kralingen.
    (5) Maria Helena Dinkelaar, born 9 june 1873 in Kralingen.
  • Jacoba Alida Hofer; married with Jan Hendrik Albers.
    At least 6 children:
    (1) Josephine Christina Albers, born in Amsterdam; married on  dec. 9th  1903 with Johannes Wilhelm Carel Speet, born in Amsterdam;
    (2) Jacoba Alida Albers, born in Amsterdam; married on aug. 2nd 1906 with Willem Frederik Brouwers.
    (3) Carel Frederik Albers, born 1887 in Amsterdam; married on 10-8-1910  in Amsterdam with Engelina Frederika Meijer, born 1890 in Amsterdam.
    (4) Geertruida Maria Albers, born 1893 in Amsterdam; married on  28-7-1915 in Amsterdam with Petrus Antonius Slosser, born 1891 in  Amsterdam.
    (5) Louisius Hendrik Albers, born 1891 in Amsterdam; married on  10-11-1915 in Amsterdam with Catharina Maria van der Laan, born 1892 in  Amsterdam.
    (6) Christina Josephine Albers, born 1888 in Amsterdam; married on  31-10-1918 in Amsterdam with Carel Joan Hendrik Wolff, born 1893 in  Amsterdam.
  • Emma Hofer, born 27 januari 1892 in Lausanne Zwitserland,  died 28 april 1977; married to John (Joseph?) Merzano on 16 maart 1922  in Baltimore Maryland USA. They had tree children: Antoinette  (1923-1930), Jack Antonio (1926-1975) and M. (still living). Emma had a  brother: Charles Hofer, born 8 maart 1895.
    Emma and Charles are children of Jacques Hofer and Anna Barbara Mueller, born 24 juni 1864 in Zwitserland, died may 1949 in USA.
    See the pictures in the album.
  • Maria Hofer; married to Wolterus Verheggen, born round 1756, died on 25 mei 1816 in Baexem.
  • Gergje Hofer; married to Jan Docter, born round 1775, died 29 juni 1858 in Heerde.
  • Amelia Hofer, born arond 1835 in Germany; married with  Heinrich Julius Purfürst, born around 1835 in Germany. They have lived  in London. In 1861 they had 3 children, they oldest was then 10, all  born in England. Later  the family moved to America.
    For the Purfürst family tree click here.
  • Alois Hofer, died 29-3-1836 in Utrecht. Father: Jacob Hofer, mother: Barbara van Meijsering.
  • Johannes Hofer, born 5 nov. 1884.
  • Anne Hofer, married on 22 okt. 1902 in Stallupoenen Duitsland with Mathes Ester Wolfsmidt .
    At least 1 daughter: Catharina Auguste Wolfsmidt, born 1865 in  Stallupoenen Duitsland; married on 31 dec. 1902 in Utrecht with Gerrit  van Asfelt, born 23 juni 1832 in Elspeet.
  • Frederike Wilhelmina Hofer, born 27 april 1810 in Schleiz,  Germany and died on 15 june 1855 in Schleiz, Germany; married on 15  november 1831 in Schleiz, Germany with Carl Gottlieb Purfürst, born 9  februari 1805 in Schleiz, Germany and died on 27 januari 1852 in  Schleiz, Germany.
    Frederike is the daughter of Johann Heinrich Michael Hofer and Joanne Christiane Rosine Gruber. Carl is the son of Johann Georg Purfürst and Anna Maria Puff.
    At least 7 children: the thrird child is Gustav Adolph Purfürst, born 24  feb. 1837 in Schleiz, Germany; married on 25 april 1860 in Nijmegen,  Holland with Maria Gijsbertina van Duuren, born 23 april 1839 in  Nijmegen, Holland. They had 8 children, 4 of them died very young.
    Another child is Marie Wilhelmine Purfürst, married with Wilhelm Johann Theodore Koops.
    For the Purfürst family tree click here.
  • Maria Hofer, married Peter Lenaerts.
    At least 1 son: Peter Anton Lenaerts, born in Vorst (Duitsland), married  on 22 nov. 1921 in Ravenstein with Hendrika Wilhelmina van der Wolk,  born in Ravenstein.
  • Geertruida Hofer, married Pieter Wims.
    At least 1 daughter: Lucia Wims, born in Baexem; married on 1 nov. 1812 in Bloemendaal with Casper Clous, born 1775 in Linge.
  • Neeltje Hofer; married Gerrit Hendrik Christiaan Huussen, died 11 sept. 1950 in Zandvoort. Maria Margaretha Hofer, married Jan Lanen.
    At least 1 daughter: Johanna Maria Elisabeth Lanen; married on 3 mei 1843 in Heemstede with Johannes Ivoo, born 1821.
  • Maria de Hofer, married Willem van ‘t Wout.
    At least 1 son: Thomas van ‘t Wout, born 1780, died 8 aug. 1856 in Ommen; married Antje Olihoek.
  • Magdalena Hofer, married Johan Walther.
    At least 1 son: Jacob Walther, born 1793, died 26 okt. 1822 in Nijmegen.
  • Josephina Hendrika Hofer, married Willem Jacob Schepper.
    At least 4 daughters:
    (1) Henriette Schepper, born 1898 in Utrecht; married on 6 sept. 1921 in  Alkmaar with Hermanus Johannes Geldof, born 1893 in Middelburg.
    (2) Gerdina Jacoba Schepper, born 1897 in Utrecht; married on 14 mei  1920 in Alkmaar with Gerardus van Niel, born 1891 in Utrecht.
    (3) Wilhelmina Hendrika Sara Schepper, born 1888 in Amsterdam; married  on 19 aug. 1818 in Alkmaar with Jasper de Konink, born 1889 in  Vlissingen.
    (4) Maria Anna Schepper, born 1892 in Haarlem; married on 24 sept. 1925  in Amsterdam with Martinus van der Graaf, born 1892 in Lekkerkerk.
  • Joseph Hofer, married Joanna Catharina Maria Diederich.
    At least 2 daughters:
    (1) Cornelia Helena Hofer, born 1883; married on 7 aug. 1909 in Hilversum with Aart Fennis, born 1885 in Hilversum.
    (2) Joanna Catharina Maria Hofer, born 1880 in Amsterdam; married on 19 aug. 1905 in Hilversum with Lambertus Tabak, born 1877 in Hilversum.
    (3) Carolina Johanna Cornelia Hofer, born 1873 in Amsterdam; married on  24 mei 1905 in Amsterdam with Cornelis Kamman, born 1875 in Amsterdam.
  • Maria Hofer, married Samuel Schultess.
    At least 1 son: Niklaus Schultess, born 1800 in Melchias Kanton Bern,  married on 30 maart 1833 in Zierikzee with Maria Petronella van Elst,  born 1897 in Zierikzee.
  • Augustus (August) Hofer, born 25 dec. 1853 in Zwitserland,  died 22 mei 1916 in Croghan, New York; married on 24 april 1875 in  Zwiterland with Ida Margeretta Zimmerli, born 23 aug. 1855 in  Zwitersland, died on 10 aug. 1932 in Croghan, New York.
    Parents with the two oldest children emigrated to the US in 1881.
    Augustus was a preacher at the Evangelical Baptist Church, locally known as the Virkler Church. At least 9 children:
    (1) Lydia Hofer, born 1876, died 1892.
    (2) Augustus jr. Hofer, born 1878; married with Hirschey.
    (3) Mathilda Hofer, born 1879; married with Farney.
    (4) Anna Hofer, born 1885; married with Farney.
    (5) Benjamin Hofer, born 1888; married with Lehman.
    (6) Martha Hofer, born 1889; married with Alexander.
    (7) Ida Hofer, born 1892; married with Harrienger.
    (8) Laura Hofer, born 1895, died 1904.
    (9) Huldah Mary Hofer, born 1898; married with Ellis.