Encrypted messages

As of now it is possible to send me encypted messages. I will be the only person who is able to read that encrypted message. See the contact page.

Just because I can, not that I have to do so…..

Site as it was before

This site has been filled with information from the old site. Not everything will be back: the page about DNA, the guestbook (click here for the old guest book, on the Dutch part of this site) and the page about the coat of arms. Perhaps these pages will return some day.

The majority of information I could retrieve from an old database backup. It was a great puzzel to get everything out of the backup and into the site.  But I think I did well. The result is a clean site, ready for the future.

In the next couple of weeks I will be finetuning this site. Suggestions? Please let me know!

New site!

Because this site moved to a new server, I was forced to rebuild the site. As of today I am creating this site from scratch, slowly: at this time the site is far from complete. Follow the development, and come back soon!

Language selection

Next to the automatisch language selection (based on browser setting by the visitor) the visitor can change the language manually. Click on the dutch flag for the dutch language, or on the english-american flag for the english language.

About cookies

The question for your permission to accept cookies is deleted from this site. See the page about cookies, in the menu to the left. This site uses first party-cookies only, to collect statistical data wich are not public. The law about cookies has been changed or will be changed.

New site online

As of today the new site is online. After some years it was a thing to do. Now a CMS will be used.
The content remains the same, just the layout is very different.
Not all is wel. Within the next couple of days the site will function better and better.

Rebuild of the site

The webmaster started the rebuild of this site today. Basis will be the CMS Websitebaker. Within the next couple of months the site will be offline every now and then.


In the family tree of the Dutch family Hofer several changes en additions were made. You cannot find your addition? Please make contact!


A new page has been added: Italy, on the page with family trees (see the menu on top). On this page are two family trees, both from St. Leonard (see prior news).

New Hofer family tree from Austria

Interesting news! Today I recieved a family tree, with evidence, of a family Hofer originated from Austria. Special in this family tree is that the births took place in St. Leonard: where Andreas Hofer was born too, and, in the time period just after he was shot. But the families are not related! The family tree will be published within a couple of days.

Genetic genealogy

The Hofe site is orientating on genetic genealogy. With the aid of DNA testing it is possible to determine if several persons are related, up to many generations ago! Even etnic origin and geografical origin can be determined. See the new page. Soon more!

Automatic language selection

The Hofer site is able to show two languages, but always started in Dutch. Until now! Starting today, the site has automatic language selection: only in the Netherlands the site starts in Dutch, everywhere else it starts in English. It remains possible to change language manually. If this is not working for your location, please let me know!


Do you appriciate this site? You may show this by donating 10 euro’s. You encourage me to continue this work, and it helps reducing the costs. Thank you in advance! You can use the button at the bottom of this page.

Update and upgrade Hofer-site!

After a long time it became necesary to make some large adjustments to the site. After adding and changing some family data in the family trees, is the appearance of the site changed. New layout, new colours! Within a couple of days the new site will be online. Until then it is possible that some parts of the site may not work.