“Was veel werk maar het was het waard 🙂
Ziet er mooi uit met nieuwe frisse kleurtjes..mooi overzichtelijk zo! Ben benieuwd wat anderen er van vinden!”


Hallo, ek is gebore in Beverwijk, dogter van Klaas en Wil Hofer.Ons het geimmigreer na Suid Afrika 1968. Die webbladsy is regtig indrukwekkend.Ek wonder net waar is ons kinders se besonderhede: Andre, Dirk-jan, Robert en ek. Baie dankie vir al jul moeite met die wbbladsy.
(Peggy Britz (nl Hofer))


Ons is altijd verteld dat wij in de verte verwant zijn aan Andreas Hofer. Hijzelf had geen kinderen, maar wij zouden afstammen van een broer van hem. Er zouden bij een familie in Kaposvár (Hongarije) bewijzen van zijn. Deze familie deed daar erg geheimzinnig over. Mijn opa Lajos Hofer (1885-1963) heeft zijn naam volgens hun zeggen verandert in Lajos Hoffer(Herendi). Ook gebruikte hij de voornaam Ludwig in plaats van Lajos. Nu ik alle verhalen lees begrijp ik des te meer hoe twijfelachtig dit is, maar wilde het toch delen.
(Anna Hofer)


Hi, my mom has all the info on our family line connecting to Andreas Hofer. We met Hofers in Austria when I was 8 and spent some time sharing our common history and seeing where they live. I do not have the names in my possession but if you want to know more about me and my family please feel free to contact us. Vielen dank!
(Piotr Orloff)


I have to admire your tenacity in putting this web site together.
My dad was John Joseph Witsch, his dad was Max Witsch, the son of Nicholas Witsch who was the son of Mathias Witsch Joseph Witsch and his wife Maria Anna Hofer. I guess that would make Maria Anna Hofer one of my great great grand mothers.
I never knew my grandfather, Max, he died when my dad was only 5 years old.
I know he’s buried in Brooklyn, NY. And I’m planning a visit to his resting place to check out the names on the family plot.


My fifth great grandfather was Johann Hofer born in 1713 In St. Peter, Carinthia, Austria. His sonm Jacob Hofer b. 1753 in Radistschewa, Russia, married a Dorothy Kleinsasser from same town in Russia.
(Susan Kippenhan Sevig)


My Father was Harold John Hofer (1912-1984)His Father was John Hofer (18? – 1968) I was tring to trace my family tree back. Anyone with info please email me. Thanks
(Dennis Mark Hofer)


“I am looking for anyone who may have information about My Great Grandfather
Meinred Hofer.. Immigrated to America Mid to late 1800’s.. Settled in Milwaukee, WI. Married Margaret Hart Of Bavaria. had 13 Children Including My Grandmother Anna Marie Hofer Some Siblings of hers were, Alfred, August, Meinred, Theresa, Hildagarde. in anyone had any information please contact at my Email address”
(Susan Bance)


My grandfather, Alfred Ernst Sauer, married Emma Ida Hofer, daughter of Jacob Andreas Hofer, who is a descendant of the Andreas Hofer who defeated Hannibal in the Alps. Would love to connect with other Hofer / Sauer family.
(Frederick Robert Sauer)


Hello all, I am beginning to look up my family tree on my father’s side. His mother’s maiden name is Hofer. She had many siblings and lived in Illinois and Indiana areas. Her rth mother was Mertie Hofer and birth father was Henry Hofer. I know that the two of them split up and went their seperate ways after they had many children. Thanks!! Jodie
(Jodie Davis)


Hi! Good day! I am Kathleen Hofer, from Philippines. Our great grandfather, John Hofer came to the Philippines & married to a Filipina. My grandfather’s name is Hans Hofer married to Virginia Sabert. Vincent Hofer is their eldest son which is my father. We’re very much interested to know who are our ancestors. I hope through this page, we will know more about Hofer family. Kathleen 🙂
(Kathleen Hofer)


I found this page as I was looking for information on my families heritage. If there is anyone that can provide some background information on the Hofer’s I would appreciate it.
(Jaime Hofer-Wilhoite)


“I am surprised how many Hofers are in the U.S. It is a nice feeling. I just have not researched my family history well enough to make a statement on it one way or another.
Perhaps I should research it more one day when I have more time available.
Greetings, Otto Hofer”
(Otto Andreas Hofer)


Hi,my grandfather clarence hofer smythe always said his family was from the tyrolian alps and that he was a direct decent of andreas hofer on his mothers side. Am trying to find information about my grandfather. anyone have any information, kindly email me. really like your site.
(Elisabeth Fassinger)


We too have Hofers in our ancestry. Great Grandmother was Elise Marie,(from Plainpalais, Switzerland), g-g-grandfather was Urs Hofer. No idea of their origin.
(Marie Nicholsen)


My father Norman Foster directed the Davy Crocketts and Zorros for Disney and amassed books on Andreas Hofer – for a film he never made. He was born Norman Hoeffer in 3 and was certain he was related.
(Robert Anthony Foster)


My ancestors are Hofer from Önsbach, Baden Johannes Hofer 1685-1737 Michael Hofer 1708-1772 Franz Xaver Hoffer 1736-1789 Franziska Hoffer 1777-1822 Jean Clauss 1805-1847 Georges Clauss 1845-/1880 Georges Clauss 1876-1902 quot;Georges " Léon Clauss 1899-1982 Bernard Clauss 1938- "Eric" Georges André Bernard Clauss 1963
(Eric Claus)


“Hello, My grandfather was Harold Hofer and he is buried in Hutchision kansas. He was married to Phyllis Nash. Any info on my ancestors, you could email me. Thanks.
(Stephan Hofer)


My husband’s family patriarch was Xaver Hofer (1848-1936) from Stutgart, Germany. His wife was Josefine Schneider (not Dietrich, I misspoke), 1850 – 1902). Their sons immigrated to Chicago. Does anyone have any information on this family?
(Deborah Oliver_