My husband’s mother is a Hofer from Chicago, and her parents were from Stutgart, Germany. The partriarch’s name was Xaver Hofer, who was married to Josephine Dietrich. Does anyone have any information on him?
(Deborah Oliver)


I’m researching my family. My great grandmother married a Leonard Hofer. My whole family says we are related to Andreas Hofer from Tyrol. I haven’t found the link yet.
(Margaret Jean Belton)


Just trying to find where I fit in. Relatives on my fathers side from the Ohio (USA) area. There are more of us scattered around, including here in Washington state. Would like to see how far back I can trace my family.
(William Frederick Hofer)


I have always been told that Andreas Hofer was my great great great etc.. Grandfather.My grandmother was Marie Hofer,but died before I was born. Her parents were Gertrude and Charles hofer.My great aunt has done alot of research and has confirmed our relation. I would love to find out 100% if Andreas was my great… grandfather
(Beth Hartung)


“An entire Hofer family probably moved into Imperial Valley (County) and South San Diego (County), California, USA, as dairymen in the early 1930’s (I am not sure of the date). here are still Hofer’s living in these areas of the US…

Not sure if they are still dairy farmers….but you might look at Census information to see if you can find your connection. They are Swiss, not German. I seem to remember the family Patriach was a Julius Hofer, but I could be wrong. Good luck.”
(JM Robinson)


iam looking for some off our famly in north and south dekoda….grampa was tschetter…ty
(Darius Hofer)


Hey esta bien cura esta pagina, como que no sabia nada de la familia hofer, mi familia es de Suiza, del canton Berna
(Stephany Hofer)


Hi! I just entered this page to see some history about my family name 🙂
(Stephany Hofer)


Greetings, I just found this page and note that Engelbert Hofer is the youngest sibling of my great, great grandmother’s second husband, Nikolaus Hofer. While doing my Bogner genealogy I have traced a lot of the Hofer family just to make sure that my contacts with a Charles Hofer, Colfax, WA are correct.
(Niel Bogner)


“Ik ben geen Hofer maar het was toch een genot om op de site rond te kijken.
Mooi werk.



(Gerrit Goossen)

hi my mothers maiden name is andrea oberhofer and she has always said andreas hofer was our descendent. andrea and andrew have always been family names also she said the name changed to oberhofer and that ober meant top of the hill or something like that . her fathers name was eugene oberhofer . can you send me any confirmation on this thank you and hello to andreas hofer relatives,8-0
(kathleen marie goldsmith)


Hi there to you all, I was married to one of Klaas Willem Andreas Hofers great great great grandsons, Robert. We live in South Africa. I enjoyed the website and all I can say is ‘good job welldone.:-)
(Marie Hofer)


Hallo there, I just want to rectify my mistake by saying that it was Andreas Hofers family that I was married into and not KWA Hofer. Sorry for that. I can be mail to at my e-mail address. Thank you for all the information on your website. Complements to all the people who is responsible for the great task.:-):-U
(Marie Hofer)


Leuk zo n familiesite….jammer dat mijn opa niet genoemd wordt(Jan Piet Hofer, zoon van Aloysius) maar evengoed interessant om te zien waar je vanaf stamt 🙂


Hello. I am visiting this page because i have known a person in Argentina whose last name is Hofer and we are interested in learning about his family tree.If someone knows how a hofer could land in our beloved Argentinian country we are pleased to contact and exchange information.A big hug for all… yanina.:-}


Sieds en fam. moeten een talencursus gaan volgen, anders valt de informatie op deze site niet meer te begrijpen! GJT
(Gerrit Jan Tempelman)


Hello! i think your website is very intresting and I ahve a woundering. How searching you in Austria and were can i found my family. have you some idees, my surname is Lukas and I seraching about my grandmothers history. She comes to Sweden after the second war. And I have find to a woman who was married with a hofer. Have austria some differcult archivers or have they some adress`? thanks
(Lina Lukas)


My great-great grandfather was Niclas Hofer He married Anna Stuber. She was born Abt. 1800, his son, my great-grandfather, Johannes Hofer was born 08/24/1831 in Aurberg, Switzerland Seewell District, and died 07/21/1905 in Iroquois County, IL. He married Anna Elisabetha Schneider 10/23/1863 in Yveerdon, Switzerland, daughter of Johannes Schneider and Katharina Beer. She was born 12/05/1840 in Yverdon, Switzerland, and died 03/05/1899 in Iroquois County, IL.
(Rev. David L. Hofer)