Austrian Hofer familytree

I recieved data on other Austrian Hofer familytrees and I am preparing to publish them on the site. I have contacts with other Hofer family members from other countries, so perhaps there is more to come!

Newsletter, new familytrees, Holtzknecht, coat of arms

The first newsletter has been sent. Familytrees of the families Stins and Wijker added to the familytree of the dutch family Hofer. Familytree of the family Holzknecht added to the familytree of Andreas Hofer. This family is related to Andreas Hofer, via his daughter. Information about the coat of arms added.

Many changes

Many changes in the familytree of the Dutch family Hofer! It goes all the way back to 1499! More changes in the familytree are expected, so keep an eye on this site! Also the layout has been changed: f.i. the menu.