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  1. Hi,
    Recently, I came upon some old family photos and a hand typed biography about Andrea Hofer of Tyrol on onion paper. After reading it (typed both in English and German), I wondered if it meant my father’s mother’s family were descendants of Andrea Hofer of Tyrol. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Elvira Hoeffer. She was the youngest of four. She had three older brothers, Harry, Albert, and Phillip. Her father’s name was Joseph Hoeffer (b. February 1852, d.December 23, 1926). Joseph was one of eight children of Heinrich Josef Hoffer (b.July 14, 1824, d.February 14, 1902) and Maria Katherina Dick (b. October 21, 1827, d.May 12, 1870). At the bottom of the paper, it said “Note spelling of name – this is correct by German history books. However, changing of the spelling is a very common thing in Germany, so the discrepency may be quite irrelevant.”
    I looked through the family tree you put together, but could not find Heinrich Josef Hoffer. I know that Joseph brought his family to St. Louis, Missouri in the late 1800’s. Then they went to Mexico, and opened a brewery. When the Mexican/American war happened, they moved back to U.S. (Los Angeles, California) in the early 1900’s. Is there any information you can offer me?

    Thank you,
    Charlotte Miller Long

  2. Hi Again,

    I just realized there was another page of the Hoffer Family Tree, so I have more information. Heinrich Josef Hoeffer was the son of Johannnes Josef Hoffer (1779-1854). In turn, his father was Johannes Heinrich Hoffer (1744-1822). His father was Johannes Petrus Hoffer (?-1760), and last his father was Christianus Hoffer (?-1714).
    Now I am wondering if Andreas Hofer of Tyrol’s father was a brother to Christianus Hoffer. Since I live in the U.S., I have no idea how many Hofers live in Germany.

    Again, thanks for any information you may have.

    Charlotte Long

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