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232Jolanda Tichelaar-Hofer136594025214 april 2013Was veel werk maar het was het waard 🙂
Ziet er mooi uit met nieuwe frisse kleurtjes..mooi overzichtelijk zo! Ben benieuwd wat anderen er van vinden!
231Webmaster136579986112 april 2013De site is vernieuwd! The site has been modified!
229Peggy Britz (nl Hofer)13602235657 februari 2013Hallo, ek is gebore in Beverwijk, dogter van Klaas en Wil Hofer.Ons het geimmigreer na Suid Afrika 1968. Die webbladsy is regtig indrukwekkend.Ek wonder net waar is ons kinders se besonderhede: Andre, Dirk-jan, Robert en ek. Baie dankie vir al jul moeite met die wbbladsy.
225Anna Hoffer135393005026 november 2012Ons is altijd verteld dat wij in de verte verwant zijn aan Andreas Hofer. Hijzelf had geen kinderen, maar wij zouden afstammen van een broer van hem. Er zouden bij een familie in Kaposvár (Hongarije) bewijzen van zijn. Deze familie deed daar erg geheimzinnig over. Mijn opa Lajos Hofer (1885-1963) heeft zijn naam volgens hun zeggen verandert in Lajos Hoffer(Herendi). Ook gebruikte hij de voornaam Ludwig in plaats van Lajos. Nu ik alle verhalen lees begrijp ik des te meer hoe twijfelachtig dit is, maar wilde het toch delen.
220Webmaster13495200616 oktober 2012Spamming is useless! No need in trying: spamming messages will be blocked automaticly. It is no longer possible to enter a website adress in a guestbook message.
211Piotr Orloff134766033514 september 2012Hi, my mom has all the info on our family line connecting to Andreas Hofer. We met Hofers in Austria when I was 8 and spent some time sharing our common history and seeing where they live. I do not have the names in my possession but if you want to know more about me and my family please feel free to contact us. Vielen dank!
143JOHN C WITSCH133246516923 maart 2012I have to admire your tenacity in putting this web site together.
My dad was John Joseph Witsch, his dad was Max Witsch, the son of Nicholas Witsch who was the son of Mathias Witsch Joseph Witsch and his wife Maria Anna Hofer. I guess that would make Maria Anna Hofer one of my great great grand mothers.
I never knew my grandfather, Max, he died when my dad was only 5 years old.
I know he’s buried in Brooklyn, NY. And I’m planning a visit to his resting place to check out the names on the family plot.
137Susan Kippenhan Sevig13023654019 april 2011My fifth great grandfather was Johann Hofer born in 1713 In St. Peter, Carinthia, Austria. His sonm Jacob Hofer b. 1753 in Radistschewa, Russia, married a Dorothy Kleinsasser from same town in Russia.
127Dennis Mark Hofer12546022893 oktober 2009My Father was Harold John Hofer (1912-1984)His Father was John Hofer (18? - 1968) I was tring to trace my family tree back. Anyone with info please email me. Thanks
118Piotr Orloff12417056067 mei 2009Andreas Hofer was my great-great-grandfather, according to my mother.
113Susan Bance122007757230 augustus 2008I am looking for anyone who may have information about My Great Grandfather
Meinred Hofer.. Immigrated to America Mid to late 1800's.. Settled in Milwaukee, WI. Married Margaret Hart Of Bavaria. had 13 Children Including My Grandmother Anna Marie Hofer Some Siblings of hers were, Alfred, August, Meinred, Theresa, Hildagarde. in anyone had any information please contact at my Email address
112Frederick Robert Sauer121673225522 juli 2008My grandfather, Alfred Ernst Sauer, married Emma Ida Hofer, daughter of Jacob Andreas Hofer, who is a descendant of the Andreas Hofer who defeated Hannibal in the Alps. Would love to connect with other Hofer / Sauer family.
111Jodie Davis12049402868 maart 2008Hello all, I am beginning to look up my family tree on my father's side. His mother's maiden name is Hofer. She had many siblings and lived in Illinois and Indiana areas. Her rth mother was Mertie Hofer and birth father was Henry Hofer. I know that the two of them split up and went their seperate ways after they had many children. Thanks!! Jodie
110Kathleen Hofer119568817821 november 2007Hi! Good day! I am Kathleen Hofer, from Philippines. Our great grandfather, John Hofer came to the Philippines & married to a Filipina. My grandfather's name is Hans Hofer married to Virginia Sabert. Vincent Hofer is their eldest son which is my father. We're very much interested to know who are our ancestors. I hope through this page, we will know more about Hofer family. Kathleen 🙂
109Jaime Hofer-Wilhoite119300263321 oktober 2007I found this page as I was looking for information on my families heritage. If there is anyone that can provide some background information on the Hofer's I would appreciate it.
108Otto Andreas Hofer119276631619 oktober 2007I am surprised how many Hofers are in the U.S. It is a nice feeling. I just have not researched my family history well enough to make a statement on it one way or another.
Perhaps I should research it more one day when I have more time available.
Greetings, Otto Hofer
107elizabeth fassinger118946336410 september 2007Hi,my grandfather clarence hofer smythe always said his family was from the tyrolian alps and that he was a direct decent of andreas hofer on his mothers side. Am trying to find information about my grandfather. anyone have any information, kindly email me. really like your site.
106Marie Nicholson118710903814 augustus 2007We too have Hofers in our ancestry. Great Grandmother was Elise Marie,(from Plainpalais, Switzerland), g-g-grandfather was Urs Hofer. No idea of their origin.
105Robert Anthony Foster117701932219 april 2007My father Norman Foster directed the Davy Crocketts and Zorros for Disney and amassed books on Andreas Hofer - for a film he never made. He was born Norman Hoeffer in 3 and was certain he was related.
104Eric CLAUSS117673050316 april 2007My ancestors are Hofer from Önsbach, Baden Johannes Hofer 1685-1737 Michael Hofer 1708-1772 Franz Xaver Hoffer 1736-1789 Franziska Hoffer 1777-1822 Jean Clauss 1805-1847 Georges Clauss 1845-/1880 Georges Clauss 1876-1902 quot;Georges " Léon Clauss 1899-1982 Bernard Clauss 1938- "Eric" Georges André Bernard Clauss 1963
103Stephen Hofer117648146613 april 2007Hello, My grandfather was Harold Hofer and he is buried in Hutchision kansas. He was married to Phyllis Nash. Any info on my ancestors, you could email me. Thanks.
101Deborah Oliver117009978929 januari 2007My husband's family patriarch was Xaver Hofer (1848-1936) from Stutgart, Germany. His wife was Josefine Schneider (not Dietrich, I misspoke), 1850 - 1902). Their sons immigrated to Chicago. Does anyone have any information on this family?
100Deborah Oliver117002775928 januari 2007My husband's mother is a Hofer from Chicago, and her parents were from Stutgart, Germany. The partriarch's name was Xaver Hofer, who was married to Josephine Dietrich. Does anyone have any information on him?
99Margaret Jean Belton11678865754 januari 2007I'm researching my family. My great grandmother married a Leonard Hofer. My whole family says we are related to Andreas Hofer from Tyrol. I haven't found the link yet.
96William Frederick Hofer116399035920 november 2006Just trying to find where I fit in. Relatives on my fathers side from the Ohio (USA) area. There are more of us scattered around, including here in Washington state. Would like to see how far back I can trace my family.
95Nina Hofer- Odam116164279023 oktober 2006Doing research on my Fathers family, looking for Hofer's out there....... :g:
50darius hofer115553361914 augustus 2006iam still looking for home hofer,stchetter,pulmann in north and south dekoda, :confused:
49JM Robinson115545596313 augustus 2006An entire Hofer family probably moved into Imperial Valley (County) and South San Diego (County), California, USA, as dairymen in the early 1930's (I am not sure of the date). here are still Hofer's living in these areas of the US...

Not sure if they are still dairy farmers....but you might look at Census information to see if you can find your connection. They are Swiss, not German. I seem to remember the family Patriach was a Julius Hofer, but I could be wrong. Good luck.
46darius hofer114990429310 juni 2006iam looking for some off our famly in north and south dekoda....grampa was tschetter...ty
45Stefany Hofer114834109722 mei 2006Hey esta bien cura esta pagina, como que no sabia nada de la familia hofer, mi familia es de Suiza, del canton Berna
44Stefany Hofer114834044422 mei 2006Hi! I just entered this page to see some history about my family name 🙂
43Neil Bogner114574856822 april 2006Greetings, I just found this page and note that Engelbert Hofer is the youngest sibling of my great, great grandmother's second husband, Nikolaus Hofer. While doing my Bogner genealogy I have traced a lot of the Hofer family just to make sure that my contacts with a Charles Hofer, Colfax, WA are correct.
42Gerrit Goosen11444910288 april 2006Ik ben geen Hofer maar het was toch een genot om op de site rond te kijken.
Mooi werk.


40kathleen marie goldsmith113295960025 november 2005hi my mothers maiden name is andrea oberhofer and she has always said andreas hofer was our descendent. andrea and andrew have always been family names also she said the name changed to oberhofer and that ober meant top of the hill or something like that . her fathers name was eugene oberhofer . can you send me any confirmation on this thank you and hello to andreas hofer relatives,8-0
39Marie Hofer113019120024 oktober 2005Hi there to you all, I was married to one of Klaas Willem Andreas Hofers great great great grandsons, Robert. We live in South Africa. I enjoyed the website and all I can say is 'good job welldone.:-)
38Marie Hofer112984560020 oktober 2005Hallo there, I just want to rectify my mistake by saying that it was Andreas Hofers family that I was married into and not KWA Hofer. Sorry for that. I can be mail to at my e-mail address. Thank you for all the information on your website. Complements to all the people who is responsible for the great task.:-):-U
37beth hartung11600856005 oktober 2006I have always been told that Andreas Hofer was my great great great etc.. Grandfather.My grandmother was Marie Hofer,but died before I was born. Her parents were Gertrude and Charles hofer.My great aunt has done alot of research and has confirmed our relation. I would love to find out 100% if Andreas was my great... grandfather
36Rieneke11203416002 juli 2005Leuk zo n familiesite....jammer dat mijn opa niet genoemd wordt(Jan Piet Hofer, zoon van Aloysius) maar evengoed interessant om te zien waar je vanaf stamt 🙂
35yanina111705840025 mei 2005Hello. I am visiting this page because i have known a person in Argentina whose last name is Hofer and we are interested in learning about his family tree.If someone knows how a hofer could land in our beloved Argentinian country we are pleased to contact and exchange information.A big hug for all... yanina.:-}
34Dustin Hofer11150712002 mei 2005hello i guess i am descended from some hofers that just decided to branch off and do their own thing because i know no other hofers lol but i am looking for any information about the family and the history so if anyone can help please please email me and help me.... by the way i love the web site
33Gerrit Jan Tempelman111705840025 mei 2005Sieds en fam. moeten een talencursus gaan volgen, anders valt de informatie op deze site niet meer te begrijpen! GJT
32Lina Lukas111705840025 mei 2005Hello! i think your website is very intresting and I ahve a woundering. How searching you in Austria and were can i found my family. have you some idees, my surname is Lukas and I seraching about my grandmothers history. She comes to Sweden after the second war. And I have find to a woman who was married with a hofer. Have austria some differcult archivers or have they some adress`? thanks
31Rev. David L. Hofer111662640020 mei 2005My great-great grandfather was Niclas Hofer He married Anna Stuber. She was born Abt. 1800, his son, my great-grandfather, Johannes Hofer was born 08/24/1831 in Aurberg, Switzerland Seewell District, and died 07/21/1905 in Iroquois County, IL. He married Anna Elisabetha Schneider 10/23/1863 in Yveerdon, Switzerland, daughter of Johannes Schneider and Katharina Beer. She was born 12/05/1840 in Yverdon, Switzerland, and died 03/05/1899 in Iroquois County, IL.
30Klaas Hofer111628080016 mei 2005Wie kan mij iets vertellen over Otto Hofer die in IJmuiden woonde en na de oorlog geemigreerd is naar Australie.
29Caral Denise Hofer20051 januari 1970Hi - our grandfather is Andrew David Hofer and his father was born in Germany
28Kathleen Hofer11155032007 mei 2005Hi! Good day! I am Kathleen Hofer, from Philippines. Our great grandfather, John Hofer came to the Philippines & married to a Filipina. My grandfather's name is Hans Hofer married to Virginia Sabert. Vincent Hofer is their eldest son which is my father. We're very much interested to know who are our ancestors. I hope through this page, we will know more about Hofer family. Kathleen
27Hofer Estelle111317040010 april 2005Hello my birth Name is Estelle Hofer I'm french. My Grandfather Mainrad Hofer was from Bolzano (Bozen) Austria. He left Austria and came to France with my grandmother. I don't know if we are from the same family but i will read your site. ByeEstelle
26Anouk111230640031 maart 2005hallO ik ben anouk hofer,, mijn overgroot opa is Aloysius Hofer
25Anouk111230640031 maart 2005hooi
24Victor Hoffer111230640031 maart 2005Mi apellido original es Hofer, originario del canton Berna, en Suiza
23Victor Hoffer111230640031 maart 2005😀
22Andrew Hofer111213360029 maart 2005What a shame to find there are no living descendants of Andreas Hofer, because my parents named me after him, thinking we were related!
21Patricio Hoffer111213360029 maart 2005 Hola, aunque mi apellido aparece con 2 F
originalmente contenía 1 F.Saludos
20Anousca11079900009 februari 2005Leuk hoor al die hofertjes en familie hier!! :-)(10-2-2005)
19Ineke Oorbeek11076444005 februari 2005Heel leuk een stamboom van de Hofer's, alleen heette mijn moeder geen Petronella Catherina, maar Petronella Catharina. Het scheelt maar een lettertje en haar geboortedatum was 09-11-1924.
18Paul Veltman110721240031 januari 2005Nee hoor, Henk, de eerste is wel degelijk Aloijsius Hofer uit de stamboomgegevens en vader van onder meer de Klaas Hofer van de andere foto's. De tweede Aloijsius is een oudere broer van Klaas
17Henk Hofer110712600030 januari 2005De foto reportage is goed te noemen maar er staan twee Aluwiesis in terwijl ik toch dacht dat de eerste klaas moest zijn:-!
16Christien110712600030 januari 2005Hallo allemaal.Ik vind het echt geweldig dat je al die namen tevoorschijn hebt weten te toveren,Sieds....ik ben trots op je.Groetjes van Christien
15Anousca110703960029 januari 2005he bah, dat familielid ook hier?? :-/
14Hirjan Tempelman110539800010 januari 2005leuk zo'n sitek'wist niet dat sieds zo'n strijder was!!! :-D(11-1-2005)
13K. Hofer110453400031 december 2004Nu weet ik wie mijn grootouders zijn, mooie site. Ik wens alle Hofers (en anderen ook) een goed 2005 toe.Groet Klaas
12Faroek110444760030 december 2004Het familiewapen is door ene cor getekend geloof ik. Buurman van mijn moeder in Den Haag. Waar deze zijn bronnen had weet ik niet, weet wel dat hij dit voor zijn beroep deed. grtz
11Thomas A. Hofer jr.110297880013 december 2004Proud to be part of the Hofer family. I have traced my heritage back to Andreas. No shame!!!!!!
10Gerrit Jan Tempelman109839600021 oktober 2004Hallo,Leuk zo'n site. Ook het gastenboek is leuk. Is die klok aan de linkerkant van het scherm een atoomklok, Sieds? Groetjes GJT
9Thamara109839600021 oktober 2004nou ja ik zal ook es ff wat laten horen/ lezen van mezelf..ik geloof dat ik ook tot deze familie behoor haha.En ooooooooooooow ik vind de site ook heeeeeeeeeeeeel erg mooi hoor!!!!!!!!!!!!! echt waar!!maar goed we zijn idd terug van vakantie maar er staat maar weinig in van mensen die ik nooit spreek of zie en dat is wel een beetje jammer.Sieds, de verlovingsdatum moet wel even aangepast worden want die klopt niet zo erg: de juiste datum is 15-08-2003het feest was wel op die datum, dat heb je wel goed..goed ik ga er mee ophouden en de verplichte dingen van t weekend doen.P.S. als jullie ons nog willen spekken; jullie mogen de vrieskist vullen en wij eten m wel leeg... haha
8Sieds109839600021 oktober 2004Ja hoor, maar niet overdrijven hè 😀
7Anousca109839600021 oktober 2004zo goed? 🙂
6Anousca109839600021 oktober 2004:-U OOOOOOOOOOOOO wat MOOOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
5Jolanda109839600021 oktober 2004Het verbaasd me een beetje dat er nog zo weinig in staat :-U De site wordt met de week mooier: er zit véél werk in.. Leuk gedaan Sieds! XX
4Anousca109839600021 oktober 2004😎 TERUG van vakantie zijn bedoel je jeroen 😉
3Jeroen Rotyis109839600021 oktober 2004hallo even voor de vakantie een berichtje leuk zo gastenboek zal hem beter bekijken als we van vakantie zijn groetjes jeroen :-U
2Anousca109839600021 oktober 2004Whahahahahahahaha WZZP hier familie Groetjes aan de rest van de familie
1webmaster Hofersite109839600021 oktober 2004Het gastenboek is open! The guestbook is open!